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Welcome to TAF 2020!

We're excited that you want to register for TAF Online - our digital conference for this year. At this time, registration is closed for our Sprouts, Juniors, Junior High, and Youth programs. However, you can still register for tafLabs, our adult program. Labs will have programming throughout August and September. You can find more information about tafLabs here.

We are working hard to bring the TAF we all know and love straight to your homes! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at hello@tafworld.org.

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Electronic Media Waiver and Discipline Policy

I understand that TAF may take photographic or other electronic images (including video) of events and Participant/Minor at the Summer Conference. I hereby agree that all photographs, video, or other images obtained in any manner by TAF are the property of TAF. TAF reserves the right to use these images for any commercial or business purpose related to TAF. I hereby waive all rights to images and releases, reminders and forever discharges TAF from any and all demands, actions, causes of action, suits, damages, costs, profits or any other claims that may arise regarding any images or video of Participant/Minor or their use. I certify that this is my true signature or an electronic signature below.

The staff at the TAF Summer Conference will strive not only to provide fun and learning experiences, but also to stress respect for the environment and others. If a camper is found to be repeatedly interfering with the enjoyment of other campers or staff members, the TAF Director will intervene reminding the camper of his/her responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner. The TAF Director may choose to enforce an appropriate disciplinary action (i.e. time out, a discussion, loss of free time, etc.) which is consistent with the philosophy of the camp and which supports the camper’s dignity. Please review the rules with your child and make sure they are understood. We believe that you as a parent/guardian will appreciate knowing of any problem that your child may experience. TAF reserves the right to suspend or expel any camper from the program who poses serious continual discipline problems. If such behavior warrants it, an immediate suspension or expulsion may result. If we need to remove camper from program immediately, the parent will be notified. No refunds will be given.

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TAF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with over forty years of service to the Taiwanese American community. Our all-volunteer staff sacrifices significant time and money in order to raise the next generation of servant leaders. Your gift today will go directly towards providing grants for those campers and staffers in need and helping counselors purchase small-group supplies. Thank you for helping grow the TAF Summer Conference!

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